1 The Wild Party

2 The Wild Party

3 The Wild Party

4 The Wild Party

5 The Wild Party

6 The Wild Party

The Wild Party

Step back in time to the heyday of jazz. Gangsters ruled the streets, flappers invented the modern woman, and everyone danced the Charleston to the edge of the Wall Street Crash!

New York, 1928. Sexy showgirl Queenie and tough, stand up comedian Burrs, inhabit a world of bohemian decadence, violence and passion. Fuelled by bathtub gin, their outrageous friends assemble for the greatest party of all time… with disastrous consequences. When The Wild Party was first published in 1928, it was banned by the authorities. Now, fresh as the day it was written, it’s hailed as one of the great chronicles of pop culture.

As the party rages and alcohol consumption increases, the shimmering transparent curtain on all three sides of the playing space rises to create a distorted and romantic filter for the audience to view the unfolding passionate and dramatic events.

Set & Costume Design

Director: BARRY QUIN

Australian Academy of Dramatic Art
Pilgrim Theatre, Pitt St Sydney
April 2008

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