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Bassett is a fast-paced, funny and exhausting look at young people who have inherited a world at war; who, as they grow older, are starting to ask questions about these conflicts, their country, and themselves.

“I’ve seen a lot of youth theatre around the world and this was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time.

The set was your typical high school classroom, with window, teacher’s desk, a large door behind a whiteboard, chairs scattered about and walls covered in posters and various literature. Very effective use of space, with the performers inhabiting the space with ease and confidence. Simple props- school bags, folders scrawled with writing, Leo’s baseball bat and spray paint etc and clever costume additions to a school uniform (Leo’s shaved inscription of the British flag on the back of his head. Shanti’s dyed, dark hair, nose ring, black eyeliner and Indian scarf).

I just want to convey how much I enjoyed this performance of Bassett…it was as near to faultless as far as a Connections performance gets. It was extremely well directed and creatively presented which brought out the very best performances by the cast. Paul is to be congratulated for providing the young people with such an incredible opportunity and the audience with such an enriching experience.”

Stephanie Hutchinson
Program Director, Vivo D’Arte
Ex Director of Education,
National Theatre, London
Bassett Show Report,
Aug 2011

“I really, really enjoyed it. The work done with accents was pretty amazing and combined with the fantastic performance and the build-up of tension created by the direction lead to a pretty electric night.”

Peter Mountford
Manager, Youth & Holiday Activities

Set & Costume Design

Director: PAUL VILES
Playwright: JAMES GRAHAM
Lighting Design: CHRIS SNAPE
Photographer: ANDREW LASKY – Abu Ghraib scene photo

NSW Public Schools Drama Company
PACT Theatre, Sydney
July 2011

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