1 Crows Nest Carport & Yard

2 Crows Nest Carport & Yard

3 Crows Nest Carport & Yard

4 Crows Nest Carport & Yard

5 Crows Nest Carport & Yard

Alfresco Carport & Backyard Design

This narrow long site in Crows Nest has minimal outdoor space due to a large rear extension to the house and a bulky carport in the remaining area. The challenge was to find greater efficiency in the rear yard while layering up the functions.

The proposal is for a multi-functioning space offering an extension to the living area, parking for a car, an outdoor play and entertaining area and private garden setting. Storage is provided in a ‘thickened’ garden wall, the carport doubles as a sculptural covered outdoor area while the lawn and paved areas are blurred allowing for flexibility of use.



Crows Nest, NSW.
Schematic Design 2011

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