Daniel Stukel Beasly, Reading Room
By Stukel Stone / March 5, 2017

ADAM CARUSO: Novelty is Nonsense

Newport Street Gallery in London was our first experience of Caruso St John Architects work. Insightful interview with Adam Caruso currently doing the rounds: This rang true for us, "everything has been done before, and just because it is new does not mean it is good......" https://vimeo.com/206380239

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Reading Room, Tobhiyah Stone Feller
By Stukel Stone / October 26, 2016

‘DON’T TELL ME, SHOW ME’ – Directors talk about acting

The actor is both the musician and the instrument; they are the artist and the artwork.  Kate Wood Adam Macaulay in his book 'Don't Tell Me, Show Me' casts light on when actors bring characters to life, what it is that they are actually doing. Like Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold, acting is shrouded in mystery with people believing in an alchemy-like process of transformation - from the actor being 'themselves' to another person altogether. Each chapter presents an interview with a pre-eminent Australian theatre director to offer a spectrum of insight into the tangible techniques and the intangible qualities that contribute to this art of transformation. Across the...

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Reading Room, Tobhiyah Stone Feller
By Stukel Stone / September 2, 2016

THE DESIGNER: Decorator or Dramaturg?

Pre-eminent Australian set and costume designer Stephen Curtis has delivered an informative and inspiring essay. He maps the history of the stage designer’s role, which historically was as an artisan working within the theatrical conventions of the time for example designing and painting generic pastoral scenery - much like the profession of master builder preceded that of Architecture. Intellectual, artistic engagement was introduced to the theatre design role here in Australia in the mid-twentieth century. Nolan, Blackman and Boyd, primarily known today as fine art painters, designed for operas, dance and drama. Their designs show each of their unique voices, technique and artistic...

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Daniel Stukel Beasly, Reading Room, Tobhiyah Stone Feller
By Stukel Stone / January 7, 2016

Meeting with Sam Spurr

This afternoon we had the pleasure of having coffee with Dr Sam Spurr, Senior Lecturer UNSW, new mum and Creative team member for 2016 National Architecture Conference, 'How Soon is Now'. Sam taught Daniel at uni and we had a feeling she would be a good fit for us to bounce ideas off in our search for an intellectual life for Stukel Stone. It turns out her PHD is titled 'Performative Architecture' and is about choreographic relationships to the body in space which are in contrast to Architectural notions of the body as a static participant. Sam is in her own words 'a theorist and designer dedicated to uncovering the performative and poetic...

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Reading Room
By Stukel Stone / January 6, 2016

Welcome to the Reading Room

We wish to capture our reading and thinking around Architecture and Performance Design, commencing in January 2016. Our greatest design exercise to date has been the establishment of Stukel Stone; its operations and structures, built to be sustainable and adaptable. You could say that we have a natural affinity when it comes to design and art, and are interested in identifying what that is. To start we are each reading material about our respective disciplines, and are then seeking out how they interact, whether there is academic material about the intersection of Architecture and Performance and if yes how we can be informed by this and then contribute...

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