1 Pearl Verses the World

2 Pearl Verses the World

3 Pearl Verses the World

4 Pearl Verses the World

5 Pearl Verses the World

Pearl Verses the World

Here is an insight into my creative process, the images show a white-card model and photographs of an installation used to explore ideas for the stage design for ‘Pearl Vs the World’, a Jigsaw Theatre creative development project, 2012.

The story is about a young girl coming to terms with the passing of her beloved Grandmother who has been in her final stages of dementia. Told through the eyes of Pearl we learn about her lonely and frustrating life at school, where in her group of one, she rebels against her teachers insistence that all poetry must rhyme.

The mature single tree has been explored as a metaphor for wisdom and the cycle of life and death. The leaves of the tree are blank pages symbolising the absence of Grandma’s memory as well as the potential for Pearl’s own creativity.

Creative Development of Design Concept

Director for Creative Development: SALLY BLACKWOOD
Music for Creative Development: DAVID PEREIRA

Jigsaw Theatre Company
Creative Development 2012

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