FORGE is a striking new dance-music
collaboration between award-winning choreographer Annalouise Paul, piano-sound designer Marianthe Loucataris, vocalist Helen Rivero and costume designer Tobhiyah Stone Feller. Evoking a blacksmith’s iron furnace, FORGE casts flamenco anew through contemporary dance and the percussive power of the piano and Sephardi song – out of the fires of invention, life forges on…

Tobhiyah Stone Feller has created an ingenious costume that transforms from a full skirt of many colours to a straight, one-colour skirt with a bustle.” Sydney Morning Herald Jill Sykes

Tobhiyah Stone Feller has designed an impressive costume for Paul that can morph from a flowing multi-coloured full skirt to a straight skirt of just a single colour wiht a bustle-like effect. A dynamic, compelling performance” Arts Hub Lynne Lancaster


Choreographer and Dancer: ANNALOUISE PAUL
Costume Maker: SALLY HILLIER
Lighting Design and Production Manager: RODERICK VAN GELDER
Photographer: HEIDRUN LOHR

FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres
May 2016

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