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“The futuristic desert setting is reminiscent of Mad Max, from the pigeon English to the re-hashed costumes made of scraps of clothing, and the re-appropriation of twentieth century detritus, such as hub caps, bus seats and tyres, into functional umbrellas, beds. It’s as though humanity landed on the moon of its own past, and is re-discovering it with fresh and curious eyes.

The sheer “otherness” of the setting and dialogue sucks you into their world, and the staging at the ATYP creates a little universe within its large wooden pillars where you can almost see the sand and feel the heat. Seeing this play on a gusty Sunday afternoon, with the fierce harbour winds banging at the walls, didn’t hurt at all.”

Dee Jefferson,
The Brag,
Sept 27 2009

“Inventively designed by Tobhiyah Feller and sharply directed by Amy Hardingham for the Australian Theatre for Young People.”

Jason Blake,
The Sydney Morning Herald,
Sept 24 2009

Set & Costume Design
Costume Construction

Photographer: ALEX VAUGHAN

Australian Theatre for Young People
Studio 1, The Wharf, Walsh Bay
SEPT – OCT 2009

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